Help Me Please!


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okay this is really confusing and i am not so good with computers
i bought my comp last year its a compaq presario sr5120an
which had Vista installed and it didnt come with a disk my comp ran very slow so my friend had the great idea of putting windows xp on it and now i have lost all of my drivers and i dont know how to put windows vista back on it! i have tried to download the drivers off a friends comp but they wont work because it has xp on it and needs vista drivers im confused someone help me please
If you're lucky sometimes a new computer comes with a drivers disc that might contain at least some of the basic drivers you'll need. If not, download the XP drivers for your hardware from the appropriate websites and load 'em up on a flash drive to install on the computer (if you can't get internet access from it due to lack of a nic driver) or borrow a friend's Vista disc to legally re-install as long as you use the product key on the sticker found on the computer.
You have to find the drivers needed for your system from teh Compaq site. If you cant them from there you will have to look on Goole for them or sites like for them.

IF you are really lucky you could hit F11 or F12 and be able to boot into the Recovery Partition and restore Vista.
The installation of XP probably messed up his ability to boot to a recovery partition (if it wasn't wiped out in the proccess) even if it were present. I learned that the hard way one time :frowning: You'll probably need to request a recovery disc if you want to re-install Vista on the machine if none of the above suggestions are available.