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Hi everybody, I'm newbie and now I need you help me solve my problem.
5 months ago I installed quad boot : XP, Vista, Leopard Klayway 10.5.2 and Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on my computer. This's my way to install them :
- Format my first drive to 4 partitions : NTFS, NTFS, FAT32 and FAT32. I installed 4 OS in only first driver.
- Install XP at first partition (NTFS) then install Vista at second partiton (NTFS). I can boot to XP and Vista smoothly.
- Install Leopard at third partition (re-formated it to HFS). After that I get HFS error and can't boot to anything.
- Install Ubuntu at fourth partittion (re-formated it) without install GRUB boot loader (because I want to use Vista Bootloader). Then I still can't boot to anything.
- I used Smart F-DISK to active Vista partition and then boot to Vista, install Easy BCD 1.7. After adding OSx86 and GRUB to vista bootloader menu with easyBCD, I can boot to Leopard and Ubuntu. Then I boot to Leopard, install PC EFI v9 to boot to Leopard immediately (if not I must press F8 then v.v...). That's all, I can boot all of them well.
I's very happy and use them normally until 2 days ago. My Windows XP has big error so I can't fix and I deleted Vista Bootloader accidentally. I must reinstall it. After reinstalling XP, I can only boot to XP and then repair Vista Boot Loader with Windows Vista DVD. After that I can boot to XP and Vista. I boot in Vista, install easyBCD and add OSx86 with GRUB in it (like I did). But then I can't boot to Leopard and Ubuntu. My Leopard stop at gray apple screen, and ubuntu can't load anything.
I decide my Vista, Leopard and Ubuntu don't have any errors prevent to boot. Now I want recover my bootloader like previous but I don't know how to do. I don't have any backup and I need you help because I don't want reinstall Vista, Leopard and ubuntu. They are still very good.
Sorry for my poor English, hope someone help me soon.
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