Help me triple boot Win 7, Mepis (Linux) and Isotope (PC-BSD)


I have read your docs and still confused. I have win 7 installed. I need to shrink my Win 7 partition down and make two new partitions each for the Mepis (Linux) and Isotope (PC-BSD). This, I know how to do. I have only ever dual booted with Windows and linux and let Grub handle the booting. I have no idea how to proceed after I have the partitions set up.. does it matter which Linux or PCBSD I install first? Do I install each of them and use the option "No Boot loader", then in Windows let EasyBCD find and configure the other systems?

Can someone walk me through this? Thanks!
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Install Linux and PCBSD as you normally would. From there you make sure to install their bootloader to their partition, NOT to the MBR. Then after you have all 3 OS's installed you go back to Win7, add entries for Linux and PCBSD and test out the settings. EasyBCD wont configure or find anything. You tell it where you have that specific OS installed and you select the type of boot loader it uses. So you would select GRUB or GRUB2 and then select your partition for Mepis. You would then select the PCBSD section and point that to where you installed Isotope. You do all of it. From there EasyBCD just sets up the BCD to add those entries and when selected, they boot said boot loader.

So when you select GRUB or GRUB2 for Mepis, it will start the GRUB or GRUB2 bootloader and you will see that after making your Mepis selection. Same will go for Isotope. There is no perfect way to have the BCD just automatically boot into those OS's. So instead it just fires up their boot loaders.
I see.. got ya, Thanks.. I understand it cannot replace Grub or BSD's bootloader but I won't care as long as it works. It's easy enough and that's what I'm looking for. Going to try it now, I'll hollar back if I have major problems.