Hi, I have a Advent laptop which recently decided not to load Windows Vista, when i tried to launch from the error recovery page it wouldnt start andjust gave me a blank screen. It also didnt work using a the windows Vista download from neosmart. and gave me the same blank screen when loading from the multi-boot screen.

I then downloaded a program called 'KillDisk' and i asked it to wipe out my Vista from my computer, whichit done succesfully, i decided to try my Windows Vista recovery disc and this time it did load the installation page, i put in my product key before it said there was something wrong (Cant remember exactly) i then tried to restore it using the repair computer options on the installation page before itthen said what was wrong with my laptop, 'Boot sector for system disk partition is corrupt'!!

How can i sort this out!?! Any help would be appreciated and if this problem can be sorted out i would be over the moon!!

Many thanks.
Hi Ross, welcome to NST.
I'm afraid you can't use the recovery disk from this site to reinstall Vista.
It contains no installation files, only the recovery console to enable fixing a broken boot for those OEM PCs without supplied bootable recovery media.
You should be able to access the built-in recovery console on an Advent PC by holding down F10 as you power-up the PC.
It should contain the option to reset your PC to factory condition as long as your killdisk didn't destroy the OEM partition too.
If the built in options aren't available, you could borrow a Vista DVD from a friend and do a clean install quoting the serial number from your PC not the one on the DVD. This will be a Vanilla Vista without any additional bundled software that might have come with your PC.
The built in recovery partition normally contains an option to burn the contents to CD/DVD.
If it's still there, that would be a wise option to exercise for future contingency.
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Was that Acitive KillDisk? Good grief! You may have also wiped the hidden recovery partition off of the drive as well since that is used for nuking drives entirely! Hopefully that will still be found intact and only the primary was lost.