HELP! My Vista (home premium) is not restoring!


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My family vista computer has recently failed to log on. First off it shows a meassage with two options, one says:
"Launch Startup Repair (recommended)"
and the other says:
"start windows normally"
Starting windows normally option does not work and the screen comes back to these options afterwards, so the only working option is the "recommended" one. Once this option is selected a window appears with "System Recovery Options" but there is NO operating system displayed AT ALL in the "load drivers" section/window. I have tried the "rsturi.exe" command and several other command types also. So what do i have to do to get the Windows Vista Computer Operating Sytem to work??!
Help please . . . ANYONE!
Do you have more than one HDD ?
If so, try the repair again with the other HDD(s) temporarily disconnected.
Failing that, don't go to the load drivers page, try "next" without selecting from the (non-existent) list.
Sometimes that will complete the 1st repair and make the OS reappear for subsequent repair(s).