Help Needed Dual Boot Vista XP


ASUS N10 Netbook with Vista Business installed and XP udgrade to SP3. Vista is Drive C and XP is Drive H. When I try and boot using Easy BCD I have set up for booting from XP.

I get an error that references /NTLDR and it asks for installation of OS disk. I only have a recovery disk that will destructively reformat. I followed the tutorial from APCMag.

Can anyone give me any help I am in desparate need to make this work as I have a program that will not work effectively in Vista.

FH Harris
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Hi fhharris, welcome to NST.
Get EasyBCD 2.0 beta, and re-add the entry to boot XP, remembering to select "/NT/XP..." in the Type menu found under the Windows tab in the Add/Remove Entries section, and to hit Yes when you get to the prompt asking you if you want to let Easy auto-configure boot.ini for you. Also, go to the link given in that message, and download "ntldr" and "".
Now go into Start>right click on Computer>Manage>Disk Management, and check the "flags" there. Whichever partition is marked as "system", copy the afore-mentioned files into the root of that partition. Now reboot, and you should have a working dual-boot. :smile:


No, you should not delete anything. Just install 2.0 in Vista, and use it from there to add an entry to your Vista BCD to boot XP.
Harris, during a time like this if at all you shouldn't be posting your e-mail straight to publically viewable forums. We've been getting an unfortunate number of spammers and people trying to trick people into clicking links coming here, who knows what some of thier intentions may be.