Help needed - Menu start twice

Paul Cox

Hello everybody,

First I thank everubody who has made contributes to this wonderfull software.
When Iread about this product I was enthousiastic about hering that i can handle the new grub2 configuration. So I downloaded the software and tried to make a multiple boot configuration.
Everything worked fine until I choose another O.S. I was surprised that after the menu appeared and I choose the other O.S. the menu again came on. After chossingthe same O.S. it booted perfectly and I was able to work with the new choosen O.S. Switching afterwards to windows or another linux distribution the menu came up twice before I could word in the new environment.

Please can anyone help me with this anoying problem.
I attached my configscreens so perhaps anyone can assist me with my problem.

Hardware configuration:

Samsung Netbook N150 with 2G memory

Thanks in advance
Paul C


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Hello Computer Guru,

I did edit GRUB2 and remove the windows entry. Afterwards generated the new grub.cfg
My problem still remains. After choosing another O.S. and seeing the grub menu from the activated distribution, the system reboots and show me again the BCD menu. When I choose the same menu-item there is no problem starting the O.S.
Choosing windows 7 the machine boots and shows the BCD menu for the seconf time. After selecting windows 7 again I became the screen with the menu 'Start windows normally". After entering this message windows starts indead normally.
Going back to Centos I have again the same problem. Machine boots and show the BCD menu. Activating Centos again there is no problem.

I don't know what to do in this circumstance, please give me a hint.
Thanks in advance
I'm not sure I'm understanding you.

You're saying that there is one reboot between every different OS selection?
Hello Computer Guru,

It seems so, because every time I see the BIOS comming up on the screen.
After that the O.S. starts fine.

Paul Cox
I have this same issue and I only have Win7 and XP.
Win7 was pre-installed and I added XP. If I stay in the same OS it boots in fine but when I change to the other I go through the same round robin rebooting deal. It does not matter which OS it is, both have this issue. Sometimes it says that windows did not launch correctly do you want to launch the recovery or launch normally. I always pick normally. I am also looking for a solution.
Yes, I have 4GB of RAM on my Samsung 530, also this happens with both the beta 2.0 99 and the 1.7..

I had it all installed before and tried to solve it myself and had to reinstall both OS's and start over. At that time I also could not change the default OS without it causing me to lose access to my XP OS.
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So, I saw the new beta release but am afraid to try it. Don't want to have to reinstall everything and when I used the back up before I got exception errors and no back up. If I copy the files in the System partition will that be enough if all goes wrong?
This has nothing to do with EasyBCD. It's a known bug when you're using 32-bit Windows with 4GB of RAM.