help needed with emachine t3882 windows xp recovery


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i was installing a software and the electricity went off. next time i tried to turn my pc on-- IT WONT!!! it would lead me directly into recovery.
i have four recovery cds. i tried using them to recover. but after 7% i get this error.

A problem has been detected and windows is shutting down to precent damage to your computer.


technical information:
*** STOP: 0x0000001A (0x00041284, 0xDD196000, 0x00000539, 0xC0C00000)"

i have tried several times to do recovery but this error comes again and again.

once a error came that fastfat is corrupted.

I dont know what to do :frowning: plzzz help. i would be greatly thankful.

I have Emachines T3882 with windows XP..
one more piece of information is that i tried to access safe mode by pressing f8 but it would go to safe mode :frowning:

plz help
Assuming your issue is related to a power failure, it could be your memory or your PSU gone bad. Your HDD might also have been corrupted, although less likely with a STOP 1A.

1. (Skip if you are not up to it, you can do a lot of damage inside.) Open your case and check that the memory DIMMs aren't loose (Note: If the inside is dusty, clean it with a can of compressed air). If you have more than 1 DIMM, try booting with a single one. Alternate if unsuccessful.

2. D/L, burn & run some memory checking soft, like MemTest bootable CD ( The longer you let it run, the better. If it reports errors, you can stop it: The offending DIMM (s) is (are) to be discarded and replaced (Don't mix DIMMs with different specs).

3. Check the voltages in the BIOS. If they aren't right, you'll probably need a new PSU.

4. What are these recovery disks? If you have important data on your HDD that you didn't backup, make sure the recovery won't wipe them. See
Do you have an original XP CD or some rescue CD you could use to check your HDD?

P.S.: Buy yourself a UPS (Battery backup & surge protector). Get at least 500VA (about $80.00).
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