Help, no System Recovery, formatted XP over Vista Partition

So I decided I wanted XP Pro on my computer, and stupidly, instead of checking hardware compatibility first I removed the Vista Partition and loaded XP Pro onto my computer.
Now I have numerous problems and my systems runs pathetically due to hardware working (most probably not working properly) but not at an optimal level ever since re-formatting to XP Pro.

Obviously I have a damn HP Compaq, resulting in no Vista CD with my computer and due to removing the Vista Partition I've lost my System Recovery from boot-up so I can only re-format my computer to XP Pro.

I've read around, and supposedly, instead of losing more than $50 to get my system working alright I can use the NeoSmart Vista Recovery ISO download, which I've gotten and tried using (yes, I know that I can't use it to install Vista, I'm hoping to get back my system recovery back via the ISO to install it that way).
If this is correct then what do I need to do to sort it out or does the Vista Recovery ISO only work on a system with a current Vista OS already on the system?
Can you still see the recovery partition in disk management ?
i.e did you only format Vista or the whole HDD ?
Unusually it only ever hard the C drive partition and that's what I re-formatted.

Under disk management there is just the C drive partition, so no recovery partition like a D drive containing it or anything, unfortunately.
In that case our recovery CD won't help.
Your two options are to buy the recovery media from HP if you want to factory reset all of the bundled software, or to borrow a Vista DVD (any Variety) and reinstall Vista using your own key (not the key on the DVD), which will select the correct version of Vista from the DVD for which you are licenced.