Help please, Paragon problem


Can anyone help me?

I have a Mesh laptop with Vista 32 OEM so no Vista DVD. I was using Paragon Partition Manager to do some resizing. I've used it before no problem. This time I can't boot up and just get a black screen and flashing cursor. I tried the Paragon recovery cd with no luck.

Now I'm trying the Neosmart Vista recovery disc. I can get right through to the startup repair utility but I get a "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically" message.

Any suggestions on what I should try next?

You will have to move on to manually editing hte boot configuration. With creating a new partition you messed up the boot parameters cause there is now a extra partition and this is causing the boot loader to not see the drive with the boot info.

Basically when a PC is sent out from a manufacturer, there is a Recovery Partition and then the OS partition. But they do it backwards. They put the Recovery PArtition FIRST on the drive and then the 2nd partition is the OS. So by creating a new partition the loader is now confused.

Have to edit it to point it at the right partition.
I tried the Neosmart recovery cd again last night and it said it failed again. However on the next reboot Vista started up? The only problem now is the partition drive letters have been swapped around visually but when I go into Paragon or the Vista Computer Management panel they are correct. Any idea what's going on and how to put it right?

I wasn't actually creating partitions with Paragon originally, just adjusting their sizes. I run three partitions to help separate work and home files.