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Jon Schurmann

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I have recently been given a new laptop (Dell 1501, Vista HP, 80gb harddrive, 1mb RAM, AMD 64x2 TL 50) and want to put on Linux and XP. One thing I have found (although in theory it is possible) is that because some files are using up about 4 blocks/areas near the end of the disk, I can't partition the disk.
How can I shrink the present partition of 80gb so that I can put on the other OS's or find out what the files are that are sitting on the area in question? I assume that I have somehow got to have a clear part at the end of the disk to be able to partition it, but without these files being moved I can't, and the ubuntu download was 695mb, so I thought maybe something like a 10000mb partition was the right way to go. XP is just something that has been thought of as a hopeful.
Maybe everything is just hopeful.
Jon Schurmann.
Have you tried to Defrag the hard drive to move those files? I have taken a look at my Dell Laptop and i dont have this issue. Mine is a Lat 1500. I dont see why or how you would haev a file at the end. Might be something you installed.

Only thing i could think of would be disk management to try and shrink the volume. That might move the files for you.
If you use a proper partition management utility like Acronis or GParted, you shouldn't have to do anything prior to shrinking the drive; it's just point and click.