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I have attempted to install Windows 7 (clean) on a 2nd disk on a Vista 32 Bit OS. However after installation, the system boots only to the Vista OS, Windows 7 does not appear as an option at startup, nor is Windows 7 listed in bcdedit. I can add Windows 7 via EasyBCD and it then appears in bcdedit and at start up, however when elected I get a "certicificate error" and cannot proceed. Advice as to how to resolve is appreciated, TKS,

Hi bupper, welcome to NST.
Are you using a W7 downloaded from the official MS site, or a torrent from somewhere else ?
Certificate Errors can happen when a bogus website is masquarading as something it's not.
Is there a possibility that you've got a dodgy download with malware included ?
Win 7

The Win 7 RC was downloaded from the Microsoft website and the ISO created with Nero, any other suggestions for resolution? What seems strange is that the Win 7 app does not automatically appear at start up? TKS,

Is this Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit?

In EasyBCD in Vista, go to advanced options and select the W7 entry. Verify "Allow unsigned driver installations" are enabled and hit "Apply Settings". Does this fix the problem?

Something else you can try is booting from W7's drive as the primary drive by changing the boot sequence in the BIOS. Does this boot W7 successfully? If it does, keep setup this way and open up EasyBCD in W7 to add a new entry for Vista if it isnt already included (you don't get a boot menu when you started the computer).
THere are other threads reporting an inability to make Vista boot 7100 the way it did successfully with 7000. The workaround would seem to be as Justin suggests, put 7100 in control and make it boot Vista.