Help :( Removed Xp from Vista Dualboot


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Hi Neosmart forum people

Im really really really lost, ive read like 1000 pages of forum and have not found a fix. I have a HP DV9000 with two hdds. It originally came with XP Media Centre 2005 installed on disk 0, and then i upgraded to vista home premium which installed on disk 1.

After being really really happy with vista i recently decided that i want to get rid of Xp. I mistakenly reformated the drive(0) which i now believe had the Vista bootloader on it. I succesfully formated the partion and then shut down my computer.

I came back the next day and vista would not boot giving an error of "Operating System not found". I then proceded to swap the hdd's over and recieved the same error still. Here i then downloaded the Neosmart recovery disk. I boot to the disk, but it cannot find my operating system. Now i got worried lol tears streaming down my face.

I then selected the option to Startup Repair. This says it worked and i restart still getting the message No OS found. Now i read more and more and attempt to fix it manually using Command prompt. bootrec worked fine, however bootsect.exe cannot be found anywhere. My probllem is very much like Vista_Recovery_disk.iso - The NeoSmart Forums
however i cannot reinstall vista as i dont have the disks anymore, and i really cannot spare my programs and data. Im really really worried and dont know what to do.

Anyhelp that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


I fixed the problem after 6 hours of work OMFG
lol i used Gparted to set the disk as bootable, then used Startup recovery twice to fix it.

So so so happy. Now time to start hackintosh lol
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Well Glenn glad you got it sorted out. Sorry i wasnt here to give some advice but none the less nice to see you got it working.