Help Setting Up VISTA, XP And OSX


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I have been looking for the ability to triple boot with WIndows and OSX on a x86 for a long time, so I am praying I can do this with easyBCD. Unfortunately I think I may be a complete idiot and can't seem to figure out how I get the OSX on the system.

I currently have a Sun Ultra40 with two internal 250 SATA drives both partitioned with 4 partitions. The first drive has on partition 1 XP 64 bit, on the second partition VISTA. I want to get OSX on a partition but not sure how to do it and come up with the nst mac os file?

Any help would be very apprecated.




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well to get the tiger img onto that partition.. you can do it with a ubuntu live cd. It took me forever to figure out how to copy it without just formatting to ntfs. many many many guides here

but I too am having trouble booting to it, I followed the instructions to the teet.. and im hoping there is a way to change the boot name to .img


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Hi sundrieddn, phroztbyt3;

I'm afraid NeoSmart Technologies doesn't condone the use of OS X on generic x86 platforms except for those who received the special kits for Apple Computers.

NeoSmart Technologies (via EasyBCD) provides full support for _booting_ into OS X *once you have it installed* but we don't provide help with getting OS X up and running in the first place. is the place to go for that kind of info, and we're more than happy to help once you have OS X installed and want to boot into it.