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Blue Scissors

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Hi, I have little experience on this, so I’ll thank for your patience in advance.

I had windows XP, and then install Vista. After Vista was running fine I tried to get rid off Windows XP just by deleting all of the available data in drive C.
Obviously this was not the way, so I end with 2 Gb that cant be deleted in drive C in any way possible. I tried formatting drive C, but fail.

When I turn on the computer I have two options:
1- Start in older version of Windows (XP): but when chose, give an error msg of missing files, so it cant boot.
2- Start with Vista (boot fine)

I read some other threads but no one seems to have the exact same problem. So here is it:

I want to format drive C (currently is file system FAT32). And transfer or reinstall Windows Vista in it.

I already download Easy BCD 1.7.1, what I have to do next?
I have Windows Vista CD, and anything else.

Thanks for your help. William
Well you best option here is going to be get GParted. Files

This is a LiveCD. Boot to it after you burn it. Then format both partitions. The old XP drive and the current Vista drive. If you want you can even combine the partitions or leave them as is.

After you aetup the drive and format them to NTFS insert the Vista DVD and install Vista to the first partition. Where XP was.