Help to Delete XP from Dual mode with Windows 7


I've installed XP and Windows 7 in single HDD on my notebook. XP was instlled first in C and later I installed 7 on D. while in 7, it showing 7 in C and XP in D. The XP, D: is system, active and primary partition. Refer to screen shoot. I wants to del XP. When I used the latest EasyBCD v2.1.0.146 and used the BCD backup/repair and Change boot dirve option. Clicked on perform action and select my Windows 7 C: as new boot drive. But it showing me error that boot partition must be a primary prtition. See screen shoot. Plz tell me the soluion to delete XP and detailed all process.


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Sorry, I not able to add info in first post, it not saved or go advanced. Here my boot info by EasyBCD:There are a total of 2 entries listed in the bootloader.Default: Windows 7Timeout: 2 secondsEasyBCD Boot Device: D:\Entry #1Name: Earlier Version of WindowsBCD ID: {ntldr}Drive: D:\Bootloader Path: \ntldrEntry #2Name: Windows 7BCD ID: {current}Drive: C:\Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
You need to use a 3rd party partition manager to convert the Windows 7 partition to primary.
I've tried Essus partition manager but when I select either Win 7, C drive it says can't convert to primary or if I select XP, D drive it says can't convert to logical. What to do?
You need a bootable partition manager to do the conversion from outside of Windows.
If you're really good with PCs, you can make this change from within Windows by using TestDisk from CG Security (free). I recommend staying far away from it if you're not certain you're up to the task though.