Help..? Toshiba laptop randomly stopped working


Computer isn’t working:/ On my iPhone… It’s screwed up, when I go on it it goes loading for ages then blinks (with the blue screen of death) and restarts:/ Does the same if I go on any other mode (like safe mode, restore mode… Etc) only time it goes past the windows loading screen is when I go to startup repair mode thing, but it goes to a screen where it’s all black with a huge crusor and that’s it:/ This didn’t happen the first couple of times but when I restart my computer it asks me to do something too lazy to write it all downD: basically(not all) says “for Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller V2.0.1.9(12/15/09) PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE Now.”
Hit F8 as its booting and select the option to disable automatic restart. Whats the error you're getting? Have you changed any BIOS settings lately?
I get another blue screen of death... It says "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" then the rest is the regular blue screen of death writing abt restarting if it comes up again blah blah...
If the laptop is under warranty, take it back to the supplier.
If the warranty has expired, open it up and make sure that everything is properly connected. (eject the HDD and reinsert it several times to clean up the contacts)
If that doesn't help, boot your installation DVD/CD (you don't say what OS you are using) and get to the command prompt where you can run chkdsk /r against your faulty drive