Help, trying but not suceeding!


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OK, here it goes. My son is in college and the laptop he uses for his classes has been having a few issues, First his hard drive died on him so we bought him a new, bigger one. Then we had to order new recovery disc for his laptop which is a compaq presarrio. Trying to load the disc, I realized that his disc drive wasn't working either. We bought a new disc drive from the company after going online and then calling the help number and buying a warranty for the gentleman to walk me through checking to see if the disc drive was working or not. Then ordering a new disc drive when he realized I was right. Now I have tried loading the recovery disc for windows 7 multiple times and every time it gets to the point of trying to load files to the hard drive it acts like it freezes up and then a pop up opens and says Reducer copy file fails. Not sure what to try next. Please help.