Help, two windows vista


Hi Everyone,

I got two vista installed in dual boot, but I got a problem in the 2nd vista installation because after partitioning I didn't format the new disk, because I did the partition on windows via a partitioning software and thought it is okay, now I'm stuck with two windows vista with one not functioning file system, you can't install anything.

So I planned to remove the boot entry to it, so that I could remove that partition through acronis without destroying the other vista.

How do I remove the 2nd vista? It is in drive F, while the 1st vista is in drive C.
Hi Ultrajet, welcome to NST.
You can remove the unwanted entry by using EasyBCD from the OS which is located on the "system" partition (as shown in Disk Management). Simply remove it in the Add/Remove Entries section of EasyBCD.

Let us know if you have any more questions.