Help! Ubuntu installed but not booting!

I downloaded ubuntu 8.10 32 bit edition and burned it onto a disc. It worked the first time then I uninstalled it due to a few problems. The uninstalled did not work so I reformated the partition where ubuntu was installed. After that, I noticed that the windows vista boot list still had ubuntu on it, but it didn't do anything. I removed it from the list via bcdedit and now I want to reinstall ubuntu for a fresh start.

The problem is not recognizing/booting ubuntu when I restart my computer. It is installed on a separate partition "F:", vista is on "C:" and I trying almost everything. I told my BIOS to boot from cd...nothing...ran the ubuntu cd and told to "help me boot from CD" ...still nothing...The files for ubuntu are installed onto my F: drive...but can't boot it up.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!


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Allen, welcome

Are you able to boot into Vista? If not, preform startup repair from a Vista DVD or our recovery disc. Instructions can be found here. Next you'll need to get the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0 beta, available [thread=642]here[/thread]. Go to the manage bootloader page and have it re-install the Vista bootloader. Now, go to Add/Remove entries -> neogrub tab and uninstall neogrub if installed. On the linux tab finally add a new entry for Ubuntu.