Help, Vista Recovery Disk isn't enough


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I'm getting the 'bootmgr is missing' error message. So, I downloaded NeoSmart's Vista Recovery Disk, burned it and ran it. Everything is fine until it gets to the 'System Recovery Options'. I have no operating system to choose. So I clicked on 'Load Drivers' and I get a message to install drivers from the disk. Well, if I had the disk, I wouldn't need NeoSmart! :x I also tried to use the command prompt - when I run bootrec /fixboot - it says 'Element not found'.

Any ideas on what I can do? I don't have the Vista Disks and I don't know what to do. Please help. Even if you tell me it's hopeless, at least I'll know. Also, does anyone know why this happens? I haven't downloaded anything in the last 24 hours except torrent files - just the torrents, I haven't even put them in uTorrent - so no downloads of the actual torrents.
Firstly, disconnect/reconnect your HDD cables to make sure the contacts are clean, and see if the system resumes booting.
If not, and if you have multiple HDDs, temporarily disconnect the others while you repair the Vista partition.
If you have only one HDD, click "next" anyway even if it can't find a Vista to fix (don't go on to the load drivers)
Sometimes that will start the 1st stage of the repair.
Vista should reappear for your 2nd and 3rd "startup repairs"
(You need to run it many times to fix all the possible problems with the boot. It only does one per pass)