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I just got the Bootmgr is missing (ctrl+alt+delete) message last night. I have windows Vista and do not have the disk needed to fix it. I have tried following your steps to fixing this by creating my own disk. I downloaded the torrent and ran it with utorrent. Then tried to burn it with imgburn and cdburnerxp following those steps as well and at 38% I get an error when trying to burn it. Is there something I'm doing wrong or any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you, any help is appreciated.
I downloaded both the 32 and 64 and got the same error message? The only difference I can see from the steps is that after the utorrent the file is named Vista_Recovery_Disk.iso and the one in the example is en_windows_vista...


redownloaded and same thing, only gets through about 38%
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Hi Steamer43,
if your Computer can Boot via USB stick, work with USB stick, burning Cd is then not necessary.

Have you lost the Vista active partition?
This smal 100 MB hidden partition on your Boot-Vista-HD?

Create please on a second PC a Emergency Boot-USB-Stick with BartPE or 32 Bit WinPE with File-Manager.
With this File-Manager you can see (and copy, delete and much more), is this boot.mgr on the smal partition presend.
Is it present, i think, you have lost the "active -Function" for this smal partition.
The original setting for this "System Reserve" is: System + Active + Primarily

First control please this Partition and Datas.

Then make this smal Partition again bootable (I have not testet this, I have Backup-Programs) with the VISTA-Boot and MBR -Fixer (Recovery Boot and MBR).

Write your results please here, I am very much interested.

Greetings from Germany,