Help with BSOC Please!!!!


Hi the other day i installed acronis true image to my pc as it had a privacy option i used it to wipe my free space, i had the pc set to shutdown after compleation. whilst it was finishing i noticed a virus warning from my virus software. tried to disinfect but the pc shut down.

next time i turned the pc on i got the BCOD with the mesage try running chkdsk /f or remove any new hardware, the ushual, and the error code

stop: 0x0000007b(0x80399bb0,0x00000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

i have an older vista cd so was alble to try all steps in manually repairing the vista boot loader.
When i used the command del C:boot\bcd it said file not found. so i moved to the nuclear holocaust section and this was all compleated succesfully but still when i turn my pc on i still get the BCOD death with same message.

also thing if i try and load safe mode i egt the same error the list stops at crcdisk.sys
i have no working restore points and have tried the last know good config setting.

please could i get some help as i have lots of uni corsework on my pc that i need to finish and get on with Thanks in Advance Charlie
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Well its pretty much finished :frowning:

Acronis doesn't play nice with Vista from what I've heard. I would use it only offline or within XP if you're dual-booting. At this point I'd boot from your Acronis disc or a linux live distro and start rescuing your files to removeable media.
Due to the unexpected shutdown you ran into the inaccessible boot device error typically seen when changing the sata mode without first activating AHCI drivers. The MS page on that error is seen at

The crcdisk.sys error could well be from the alert your antivirus program was sounding right when the shutdown was seen. If you have a spare hard drive not in use you could see a fast copy of Vista go onto that with the current drive unplugged. Once the temp install is on you replug the first drive back in and simply remove the following files from the "C:\Windows\system32\driver" folder in order to copy them fresh from the second drive.

Try running the chkdsk command you mention in your first post. Boot the Vista DVD, enter the recovery console and issue the command from there.
When it's finished (fingers crossed) you might be able to boot again.
Always a good idea though to get yourself a free copy of a Live (bootable) Linux CD, and use it to copy your personal data from the broken system to some kind of external storage, before you start.
If all else fails, you'll be able to reinstate your own data after you've done a "factory reset" of your PC.
Actually, to set the record straight, Acronis True Image DOES work OK with Vista -- provided that you are using build 8101 for version 11, or the new version 12 (ATI Home 2009). There were problems with earlier builds of 11 regarding machines not booting after a restore of Vista. These required booting from a Vista DVD and doing a Startup Repair. But that was fixed in the 8101 build and version 12 does not have that problem (it has other problems, instead -- but that is another story!)
I think the main problem there was having the antivirus program active while trying to work with Acronis. That set the antivirus program into motion and interrupted the process for Acronis thinking an intruder was trying to access the drive and drew red flags. Always disable any active protections like that or firewalls since once an imaging software is interrupted any type of mishap can occur.

Terry60 just touched on something I was about to point out on seeing the important files you need copied over to the XP drive so you can continue to work. The two favored Linux live for cd distros that can copy well from any MS partition(Fat16/32, NTFS) are ubuntu and Knoppix live. The screen here shows the latest 64bit release of ubuntu live at work copying files between two drives both seeing NTFS partitions on them.