Help with dual boot and windows update


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Hello. I am new here. I have a problem, unsure what forum it goes in. I have a dual boot system with WindowsXP Pro in one hard drive, and Windows Vista Enterprise on another hard disk. Also, apparently, I have had an unfinished brand new WindowsXP installation someplace else, which all 3 show up in the Boot up menu. I had originally Windows 98 installed quite a while back, and I upgraded it to WindowsXP Pro. Then I bought a new MB and had to upgrade new HD etc, so I had to do a clean install, so I had it working great. Then I got another HD, and installed Windows Vista onto the new HD after some maneuvering. It has been working fine, until the other morning, and found my computer locked up. Apparently, Vista had force fed an update onto my computer, even though I have it set to ask me before updating, and rebooted my computer, apparently into frozen status.

When I turned off the computer, and then started it back up again, it would not start up, kept giving me an error message, and I had to run the Vista CD to repair my installation. The dual boot menu disappeared. I re-installed the Neosmart dual boot software, and was able to get the dual boot menu working again, however, the WindowsXP option now boots up into an apparent brand new installation, with none of my XP programs or settings. I suspect that my old setup is still there someplace, but how to I fix this situation? I need the XP to be working correctly, as I have many programs that will not work in Vista, as well as other issues that I need the XP running correctly.

Thank you;
Hello Ice,

You need to open your boot.ini file and remove the line that refers to Windows setup.