Help With Dual Boot Menu Please


Guys..!!! i was tryin installing xp sp3 in xp..!!! got a fatal error whic left me a dual boot menu, ie
Xp professional
Xp professional setup

now i installed win 7, thnx to easy BCD got rid of XP but still it shows dual boot..!!
Xp professional Setup

how to get ride of this setup frm boot :frowning: :frowning:
can any1 help me...????
Do you have a System Restore option available, that way you can go back to before all this happened.

By the way when installing service packs it's advisable to disable any virus protection you may have, that was probably what went wrong.

Is this dual boot showing in Windows or EasyBCD?


By the way if the above doesn't work then read here: Can't remove Service Pack 3
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If you're just trying to get rid of an unwanted menu entry, use EasyBCD "edit boot menu"