Help with dual boot menus


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Hello all.
First time poster and first time EasyBCD user.

I was able to get my Sony Vaio laptop to finally dual boot Vista and XP with EasyBCD. I have been switching back and forth to make sure there are no problems.

I have a problem (more of an inconvience) I'd like to see if I created and/or if it can be fixed easily.

When booting, I come up with the dual boot choice menu from Vista. I choose Vista, it goes directly into Vista and boots. When I choose XP, it comes up with a dual boot menu in XP with both choices being WinXP. Both choices work and go to the XP boot.

My question is: Is there any way of deleting the XP boot menu? I would like to boot directly from the first menu like Vista does.

I am sorry if the answer is located within the forum and I didn't look hard enough. Or if I am posting in the wrong spot.

I appreciate any advice you can supply.