Help with dual boot Win 7 and Puppy linux 5.2.5 frugal instal with boot CD


I am using a desktop computer alternating with above OSs for my work. I am a newbie with linux and easy bcd. Please can someone guide me step by step, regarding setting up of easy bcd to provide options for boot to these OSs? Thanks
Hi Shanko,

Welcome to NST. Do you know where Puppy linux stores its grub configuration file? Can you find out?
Thanks. I boot puppy everytime directly from the puppy iso files on the CD in the cd/dvd drive. It is not installed on the hard drive. I don't think it uses Grub. When I need Win 7, I remove the CD and reboot to windows. It is exactly this hassle of removing the CD or inserting it again and rebooting to the desired OS, I am trying to find a solution to. It would be nice, If easybcd could give me options to boot Puppy from the CD or Win 7 from the hard drive, at the outset. I am not familiar with grub, hence this request for help. Can easybcd be installed on the puppy CD?
Hi Shanko,

Then what you want is even easier than that. Copy the ISO to drive C:, then use EasyBCD | Add Entry | ISO and add that link.
Many thanks. I shall carry out the suggested solution. However, can easybcd be put on the bootable puppy cd? This would be convenient beacuse I carry the Puppy CD for use in travel also.