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OK so i followed thse directions: Easy Installation Guide: Dual Boot Windows Vista and MAC OS X 10.5 .. Real quick and fool proof I Am Nihilist

I can boot into Leapord from the dvd but when i try to use the bootloader first it said " Chain booting error" but i followed these directions for somone else:
Boot Chain error - The NeoSmart Forums

the same thing happened when i tried the hfs partition fixer utility i got the same error message.

When i tried it with grub loader a lot of text scrolled on screen and than i get a Grub Command like DOS

Any suggestions?


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The Automatic detection is the only solution for now as Guru stated in another OS X thread....

Problems setting up dual boot - The NeoSmart Forums

As the Sticky says there is NO solutions as of right now. Guru is working on it and as soon as he does there will be a updated post about it.