Help with Editing a BCD

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I have 2 entries on the boot screen put there by Bitdefender 4 years ago. So whenever it boots, It shows these 2 entries which I can access if I press 'tab'. I want to get rid of them. They do not show up with EasyBCD so I can't edit it that way. Attachment show what the BCD looks like. I suspect that the 2 bdbd entries are the ones that need to be removed. (memdiag ais alos on the boot screen for a memory check).
I have read about BCDEDIT but can't quite figure out how to edit these entries out and am reluctant to make a mistake.
Can anyone help and give me the commands?
A second question is what do these refer to on my PC that I should also delete? If I access th entry, it looks for a file bdr-ld01.mbr which is deleted. How did it make that connection?


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