Help with recovery manager

i have a HP Pavilion dv9000 using windows vista premium. I'm new to the utorrent downloading. Well my computer got messed up, it started running slowly and the sound doesnt work. I brought it to Geek Squad and they said i should use Recovery manager and bring it back to factory settings. Well they said its been deleted off my computer.

And i downloaded the 32-bit for recovery manager disks and i have it written on a cd, but i dont know what to do now. when i insert the disk it just shows 2 files [boot and sources] and a file [bootmgr] can someone please help??

Also this download will work since i have NO recovery manager in my computer? or i have a windows vista recovery manager but for gateway. Would that disk work for my hp?
Hi Cuddyslady, welcome to NST.
You can't, I'm afraid, use the recovery disk(s) hosted on this site to reinstall Vista. They contain no installation files.
They are provided to allow OEM PC users with a recovery partition but no bootable media to be able to fix a broken boot process.
If you've removed/broken/lost/destroyed, the recovery ability provided with your OEM PC, you have 2 options.
1) Contact HP for some replacement recovery media, for which they will probably make a charge (which should be a lot less than buying a copy of Vista)
2) Borrow a Vista DVD from a friend with a licence and do a clean install of Vista on your PC using the serial number on your PC, not the one on the Vista DVD. (This is perfectly legal, your serial number is your licence to have and use a copy of Vista)
The recovery partition on an OEM PC provides an automated way to put the machine back as it was when it came out of the box. How it does that is up to the vendor. It could be a backup image of the initial system, or a reinstall and recustomization of the OS and bundled software.
If you no longer have that partition your options are limited to what I described.
The recovery disk(s) on this site (this is the problem with the word recovery, it means different things in different contexts) are a very limited subset of the Vista installation DVD, with just enough tools to enable a boot repair, a system restore to a previous restore point (if you have one available from before your system broke), or the issuing of DOS-like commands from the recovery console (there's that word again). In the final context, that means commands like chkdsk to look for and possibly fix disk hardware problems, xcopy to rescue your personal data before you resort to a factory reset, and a few others.
If your PC is only mildly broken, a system restore to an earlier point would be your normal first step, provided that you haven't waited so long that no points from before your problems still exist.
I just assumed that, since your tech-guys advised a factory reset, they couldn't do a system restore.
In that case the recovery disk from this site is not going to help you, and my previous advice applies.