Help with Recovery

Lil Debbie 527

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I have a Toshiba Sat L305D-S5928. On March 4th, I changed my admin password. I was the only administrator. I was very careful to type correctly and log the password on my password records document I keep off my pc. When I tried to log in again afterwards it denied me saying invalid password. I tried several variations with no help. I contacted Toshiba support center and they verified I was the original owner but could not help me reactivate my admin status...? After several days of attempting to recover my password (so I would not lose my pics & documents) I have given up. I am concerned about this as husband ran a program through the guest account and from what he can tell my computer registry malfunctioned and did not recognize the "new" password, so now I think windows is recognizing only the "new" password, but the pc is recognizing only the old one. I have tried to restore but as I am not able to give the admin password, it will not let me. Any suggestions?