HELP with this EASYBCD Error Msg please


I was hoping to use EASYBCD to manage my dual boot. I seem to currently have Windows bootmanager.

I bought the PC with two partitions preinstalled, first drive/partition (C) has Vista Premium and the other was blank and now succesfully has Mac OSX Tiger 10.4.8.

After installing OSX I couldn't boot in to windows (only OSX) from the OSX bootloader even when it gave me the option (it just keep rebooting in a loop). I then used the Vista install DVD to repair/recover the MBR which worked fine.

Rebooted into VISTA ok and ran EASYBCD:

Here is the error message:


I get this msg on launch after previously adding a Mac OS to EASYBCD and rewrote Vista bootloader under Manage Bootloader. This message appears whenever I launch EASYBCD after booting into Vista.

OSX bootloader still tries to load but WINDOWS bootmanager then kicks in and I have dual boot. But still this error (above).

Any help anyone give would great! :smile:
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