Help with Ubuntu and Vista


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I had xp, ubuntu, and vista installed in a triple boot - decided to go to just vista and ubuntu. I used livecd to delete my xp and vista partitions and then reinstalled vista to the c drive. My partitions now look like this:

C:\ Vista 20GB
F:\Data (misc files)
Ubuntu swap
Ubuntu partiton

I lost GRUB however, when installing vista. I followed the instructions here
using livecd and was able to choose between vista and ubuntu. However, when I choose Ubuntu, it takes me to the old GRUB loader. Once I select to load kernal I got an error 22 and ubuntu will not load. What am I doing wrong?
Hi jba,

Don't worry, it's no big problem. It's just that when you deleted the XP partition, your drive order changed. So now your menu.lst points to the wrong partition. menu.lst is in /boot/grub/ and it tells it where to look for Ubuntu.

Just play around with the partition numbers, should take care of it :smile: