help with vista recovery


hello, im a rookie, im trying to do a complete wipe of my ladyfreinds laptop. sony vaio. i do not have a recovery disk, will the one u download put the laptop back to factory settings or just fix the os. any help would be great. thanx
Hi rookie63. Welcome to NST.
No, the Recovery Disk found on our site can not be used to do a factory reset, just perform repair to the Vista boot files. To do a factory reset, you would need a recovery disk from the OEM. :wink:

any ideas

hi coolname,
thanx for the reply. any ideas on how to get the oem disk. cant find it on the machine.

thanx again,
One either came with your computer or can be burned from a recovery partition on your PC. Consult your OEM's documentation for your model in order to find out how to boot from it to do a recovery/burn a set of recovery discs. If theses are not available to you, you will need to contact your OEM for a set for a small fee. In the meantime, you can also re-install Vista with a friend's DVD using the product key on the sticker attached to your computer, though it will not contain any pre-installed programs your used to that the recovery set may have.
You can read up how to use Sony recovery environment here. You'll need to enter the Vaio model number to find the correct instructions.
If the UK site doesn't have the same model numbers as your country, try the Sony site specific to your own location.
hey guys/or gals
i got it figured out. thanks for the help. not all the answers but led me in the right direction. i think i will stay around for awhile to learn a little more.
thanx again,
Best of luck to you and your lf, glad you're all sorted now.
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The good thing is that the good ones will let you do some repair for example entering the recover console In fact the ones based on WinPE such as Lenovo's will lets you do much more than Xp's recovery console can do But I am talking about winXp recovery disc here.In vista it is even easier because most PC manufacturers use win re for recovery and that allow access to command prompt Still thanks because I am sure that not all use Win re and I am sure there are still some that still use DOS for recovery even with Vista