Help with Vista/XP dualboot Please!!


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ok well, even more problems arise.....i downloaded that program that you instructed me to, while installing it, it told me to go to microsofts websight and install another program, but to do so microsoft had to verify my XP CD key, which turned out to be a pirated version of XP pro that i had recieved from one of my friends, so i managed to obtain a original coppy of XP home addition from my dad who had gotten rid of the original computer that this xp disk had once been installed on. I then began to reformat my HDD with XP home and then ran into another problem, even though i am using an original XP home disk, when i tried to reformat it, i get the error right befor it begins to install that says, the cd is not readable or not a valid windows CD, any suggestions?


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Sounds like a bad CD. Try another burn.


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thanks again, i guess i will try to get ahold of another cd, ill talk to a cupple friends, it may take me a few days to obtain another coppy, ill post back when i get ahold of it and have installed thoes updates.


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setup failed to load the windows runtime library msvcr71.dll

You need to install .NET 2.0 and if massage come up again locate msvcr71.dll on HD and copy it to C:\WINDOWS\system32
Start install again
Hope it works for you too.