help with windows 7 and fedora12..want to remove easy boot



My name is Ben..

Actually my sister installed easy boot on her laptop with windows 7 and fedora 12

before that she reinstalled windows 7 so lost the fedora boot meanu.that's Y she tried easy boot to recover fedora 12

she directly clicked the Bootloader setup button,Then selected the C: drive(wer the windows 7 installed) and clicked the "Install BCD" button

after that she restarted the PC.then she got a Os secetion menu of neoSmart.

while we choose the windows 7,it will go back to the previos booting.

but the fedora is booting correctly..

After that i installed the grub from the fedora terminal by giving the command "gurb-install /dev/sda

after that we got the original fedora boot loader it shows the fedora 12 and windows..while we choose the windows 7,it shows that Neosmart menu

i want to recover her windows it possible..?

if yes please give me the procedures.....

THe "install BCD" button is in the "Create External Media" section (It's for creating a bootable flash drive etc) not for your internal HDDs.
Boot your W7 DVD and get the MBR fixed.
Then add a Fedora entry to the BCD using
"add new entry" selecting the Linux tab, if you want W7 controlling the boot
If you want grub to be back in control not bootmgr (It's MS's menu not ours), then reinstall grub to the MBR after you've run the W7 repair.
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Thanks for your it's ok..

1st i put the windows 7's dvd and enter repair option

aftr that the ps restarts and shows the 2 OS's means windows 7 and fedora..

now i can enter into that 2 os's....without installing EasyBSD again..