help with windows 7 password?


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I have a gateway laptop with windows 7 and no CD's etc. The windows password has been forgotten so I need a boot disk so I can get past the login and into windows so I can reset the password. any suggestions, good links, etc?

Gateway wants $129.00 for 90 minutes of support (ouch!)...

thanks in advance

I’m not sure what you mean by a boot disk to get past the login. Below is a free boot disk but it is going to let you get past the Windows log in. Is there data on the system that you need? If not I would see if Gateway has a procedure for restoring the operating system from a hidden partition or restore disks.

Below is a link to how to get the window seven password. I know Windows XP is relatively easy to crack because it is 2002 technology. Windows 7 is brand-new. Unless there was data on the system that I absolutely had to have, I wouldn’t spend more than half an hour trying to crack the password.

Ultimate boot 503 or ver 5.0.3:

Gateway Support:

Top 6 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools:

you can also buy Windows 7 again for $100 here:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit System Builder 1pk
Pillars of Creation, Windows XP and Windows 7 use the same password hashing techniques, and are just as vulnerable (or not) as one another, regardless of the fact that W7 is newer.
I did not know that. That’s good to know. I thought Microsoft would’ve made things better by now and incorporated a decent cipher like Blowfish or Twofish.
Yeah, it's a pretty weak hashing scheme (NTLM Hash) and they could do much better if they went with the Blowfish-derived bcrypt or even scrypt. Honestly, even SHA1 would be an improvement over what they've got.

But it's hard to do that since it would break Windows authentication with any older servers or networked PCs.