HELP: XP Installed - New Install of Win7 - XP Gone....

John Lega

Here is what I have:

Drive E - Windows XP-32 already installed
Drive C - Windows 7 Just installed

Windows 7 boots fine but did not see XP on drive E. Ran EasyBCD 2.0 and added XP back in but when I boot says invalide Boot.ini. I did not find a Boot.INI on my C drive. Do I need to re-create it and if so - how do I know exactly what goes into it? I thought EasyBCD re-created these files - did I do something wrong?


Hi John, welcome to NST.
Were you using the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0, and did you accept the offer to auto-configure XP ?
If not, delete the entry, add it again and accept the offer.
If you did all this and it's still not working, is there an unlettered partition on your system with the "system" attribute in Disk Management ?
Thanks Terry. Well - I downloaded 2.0 but it seems I clicked on an older version. I re-ran it on 2.0 and it offered to create a boot.ini but I cannot find it - should it be on c:\?

I"m going to re-boot and try it again - be right back.

I"m back and in XP - I figured it had to be my fault - your product rocks!!


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