Help -> XP & Vista in different HD dual-boot


Hellow to everybody,

i need help! I'm trying to use EasyBCD 1.52 but it doesn't work because i don't know how to use it! My problem is that i haVe installed windows vista & windows XP Professional (32 bits) in 2 differents hard disks (S-ATA), I install xp and after i install windows vista with the XP hard disk on.. but the boot doesn't work! i don't know why..

I'm using a HP workstation and i can't change de disk oRderr to boot...

anyone can help me??

Install EasyBCD in XP.
Bootloader Mangement -> Reinstall Vista Bootloader
Add/Remove Entries -> Add XP

Should get Vista boot menu.
Now have option for XP and another (original one) for Vista.

Thanks, i'll try it now! One thinG, i have to disconnecT the vista HD to boot XP, it will work? and another thing, when you say add/remove entries --> XP you say to add it on vista??

No matter what you're doing NEVER disconnect an HD when installing another OS.
It's one thing to reinstall the MBR, it's quite another to have to recreate the boot files to point to the right directories.

If you disconnected the Vista drive before installing XP - you'll have to recreate your boot.ini or reinstall XP with the Vista drive connected.