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Ok, here's my situation. I am trying to fix a friends laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista. When I power the computer on it looks like it loads normally, and then restarts, then pulls up a screen that says it's going to automatically fix the problem. I click ok, and then it says the problem can't be fixed automatically. I downloaded the Windows Vista Recovery disc from this website, and it doesn't help. This laptop has never had a restore point made, nor a backup... and the friend was given this computer by another friend so he doesn't have any of the discs that came with the computer.

I'm lost at what to do next. A speedy reply would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
You have no choice. Have to see if it has a recovery partition. From there restore it to factory settings.

Hit F11 or F12 after the BIOS screen. That will be your only hope that it has a recovery partition. If not you will have to give it back to have the original person contact the manufacturer to get discs.
.. or borrow a copy of Windows Vista from a friend and install it with the CD key listed on the bottom of the laptop.