I have no idea what I am doing and am fairly computer ignorant. That being said I hope someone can help me.
I have an HP Pavilion that cam with vista pre installed. Everything was fine until 2 days ago. I went to start it and after the windows loading green bar it went to black screen. I down loaded the torent and attempted to boot from it. When i chose "repair computer" I got the "repairing disk error this could take over a hour" thing. Well it took all day. when it was finally done it said no operating system files found!!!
I am not even that worried about saving my data, as I have most everything on another computer also. I just really need to fix this. If anyone can help me out with this i would soooo apreciate it. Please try not to be too technical as I dont know a whole lot about this stuff. Thanks.
Hi Dan, welcome to NST

You well need a recovery disc (not ours) which you would have recieved with your computer or the ability to boot from a special recovery partition if you can. Our disk cannot be used for re-installs so this important. If you don't have one you can either request one for a small fee from them or borrow a Vista DVD from a friend, entering the product key that can be found on a sticker attached to the side/top of your computer. If you're not concerned about getting back data at this point and got a recovery disc from your manufacturer, than the least technical thing to do here is re-install, deleting the current partition and creating a new one to install to.
Ok so I DO need a recovery disc. I will see if i can't borrow one, if not I will pay for one. Does it need to be a vista recovery disk for a HP? May sound like a stupid question but i figure i will ask anyway. Thanks for the info.
Hi Dan.
Yes, the recovery disk would need to be a Vista one, if your system came pre-installed with Vista. If you don't have one currently, you will need to order one from your OEM that will work with your specific system.


Before spending any hard-earned cash, check if the hidden HP recovery partition is functioning.
(hold down F11 as you power-up).
If it's all there you can recover your PC following their instructions.
While you're in there (if it's OK), take the advice to burn yourself some portable copies of the backup (instructions also in the same place)