ok i tried putting vista and xp in dual boot and easybcd decided it didnt work, now i want to put vista back as the main and i have taken everything off of the xp partition(formatted it) and vista will not start (says that <windows root>\system32\hal.dll) is missing or corrupted.

i downloaded the recovery disk and when i put it in the comp it just came up with that.
how do i fix this????? plz tell me today!!!!

i need to fix my vista machine, i tried dual boot with xp but easybcd decided not to work, so i took xp off and vista still wont start, i keep getting a message saying <windows root>\system32\hal.dll is missing or corrupted, please tell me how to fix this.
i downloaded the recovery cd and even tho i had that set to start first it still came up to the message above.
Set your CD drive as first in the boot sequence in your BIOS. When it says "Press any key to boot from cd/dvd" do so and follow the instructions here.
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If you can't boot from the recovery CD, it will probably be one of 3 things.
1) you failed to respond to the "hit any key" as Justin mentioned.
2) The CD was not properly burned and is not bootable.
3) Your attempt to put CD before HDD in the BIOS was not successful.

Check for 2 by attempting to boot the CD on another fully functioning PC
check for 3 by attempting to boot a known bootable CD on your broken PC

The solutions to 1 and 3 are obvious.
If your problem is 2, follow the instructions on downloading torrents and burning ISO images, and use Imgburn. We recommend it because it's free and we know it works. Lots of other burning software cannot burn ISOs successfully (Vista native for example)
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