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In win7 I chack the option "unistall the Vista Boot Loader (use to restore XP) and now I can't start up win7 I have just black blank skreen.
Help Please
That option is ONLY to be used if you no longer want to use Vista or Windows 7, just XP.
What were you trying to do ?
EasyBCD 1.7 doesn't contain W7 support (it pre-dates W7), so it talks of the "Vista" bootloader.
W7 uses the same bootloader, so latest versions of EasyBCD, say "Vista/7"
Do you have a working XP system ?
If so, you can use EasyBCD (get the latest build) to "reinstall Vista/7 bootloader" as per the instructions here.
If you don't have a working OS,
boot your W7 DVD, select "repair your computer" then "startup repair"
do the above line 3 times (it has several things to fix now you've thrown away the whole W7 bootload process, and can only fix one thing per boot)
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