Hi How do I start?

Which system is better for 16 bit windows games

  • Windows 95

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  • Windows 98

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  • Windows 3.1

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  • Windows 10 32 Bit(with configuring)

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  • Virtual Pc(with win 95 or win 3.1)on 64 bit system

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  • Linux with Wine

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Hi I just saw this great software, I am getting a custom built computer soon , the company I am purchasing the pc from only install windows 10 64 bit but I would love to have a multi boot option so that I could run windows 95(32/16 bit), Dos, Linux and Windows 10(64 bit) so that I can run my old 16 bit windows games on windows 95 and my newer games that require lots of ram on windows 10 64 bit, Linux is so I get acquainted with its terminal and Dos is for the same reason as I love both the unix and Dos terminals!

I was wondering if this is possible to do and how it would be done?, thanks for all your help!


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If (as is likely with a new PC) it's UEFI/GPT rather than BIOS/MBR, then the short answer is you won't be able to do what you want.
It's possible to dual-boot either DOS or W95 with a later BCD-type Windows on a BIOS/MBR PC, but the legacy OS must be the first thing on the HDD, because the bootstrap code will look for the OS in that fixed location. i.e. it's not possible to add W95 to the HDD of an existing OS, or to have two OSs both occupying the start of the same HDD.
UEFI W10 PCs won't allow booting any legacy product (even XP) or "foreign" stuff (like Linux).
It's a hard MS restriction which cannot be circumvented, even by EasyBCD.
You can however dual-boot Linux on a UEFI PC if you install it and opt to let it take control of the boot process away from W10.
You can then use grub to chain the W10 bootmgr.
You could possibly add multiple HDDs for your legacy Windows and boot them individually in BIOS emulation mode via the BIOS menu, but not via a boot selection menu.