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hi.how is everyone today.well i am new to this site.and i need a little bit of help.not sure if i should be posting this here.i have a emachine desktop and it is running windows xp.when i start it i just get a non stop boot loop process. i go into the bios i try safe mode i try system repair but does nothing. system repair just sits on loading. i have left for hours and nothing. cant restore from last know point. please help. and thanks.can i download anything to a disk and try and repair. i have no xp disk for the comp.
Use F8 as you boot to get into the XP extended boot menu, then select "no auto-restart".
The PC should then stop at the BSOD and allow you to see the error message causing your problem.
Do a web search on the error code for an indication of where the problem lies.
k will try that. thanks


k well i tried that and i got.stop 0x00000024 (0x00190203,0x82fd6920,0xc0000102,0x00000000). what does that mean. or should i google it?
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That's a problem with your HDD file structure.
You can try running a chkdsk /r against the XP partition.
If you don't have an XP CD to boot into recovery console, you can get a bootable free partition manager which will enable you to try fixing the file structure.
If that doesn't get XP booting successfully, you're into a factory reset from the OEM recovery partition.
Before you do the latter, and preferably also before the former, you should rescue all of your user files like this
so do i just dont load it to a disk and put it in the damaged comp.?thanks for the help.actually. how can i burn the iso file to my disk?do i save it somewhere and then burn it?


k well i got it to load the partion tool. but what do i do on it. not to sure please help
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