Hibernation no longer working after fixing Boot Configuration



First off, I'd like to say thank you to all you helpful people in these forums who helped me with getting my computer mostly working again. A couple days ago I got the whole "Windows Boot Configuration Data file is missing required information" dead screen on startup. I had taken it to the store I originally bought it. It was under warranty, so the examination was covered...but as it was a software issue, they would have charged me $100 for the system restore, and $280 to back up any data before wiping out my computer. So! I was very glad when I found the instructions through this website for creating a Vista recovery disc (thankfully I had access to another computer to do so). I was able to use the repair option, at which point it simply stated it found an error and asked if I wanted to fix it. I said yes, and now my computer is up and running, and all the data is intact.

However...(after that long intro), I'm still having some issues. Every so often, after restarting my computer, I'll still get the boot error screen. Most other times, it will automatically start asking if I want to go in with Safe mode or just normally. Also, it seems that my hibernation is no longer working, in that my computer will shut down completely as if I had asked it to turn off. I was able to do a bit of looking around on the forums here, it looks like there may not be much to fix my computer besides a full restore, but thought I'd ask first just in case. As much as I don't generally mind backing up my info and rebooting my PC, it is a bit of a pain and a lot of settings are just the way I like them now =).

Thanks in advance for hearing me out and trying to assist me!

Edit: Just to clarify a few things, my computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium. Also, the function button for hibernate still works and I'm able to select it as an option from the shut-down menu. However, when I select hibernate, the computer doesn't show the "Windows is preparing to hibernate" and just shuts down. Then, when I start the computer up again, the error it gives is that "Windows did not shut down properly".
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Hi Hy, welcome to NST.
Is your Vista partition big enough to keep restore points for a long time ?
Do you have one available from a time before you lost your Hibernate function ?
That's your best option if it's available.
Otherwise, you could use the system while it's "sort of" working, to copy all of your user data to external storage, and use the "factory reset" facility which is presumably part of your OEM recovery partition, to put it back to square 1, then let Windows Update bring it back fully updated before copying your data back again.

My past experience of various versions of Windows is that once they become less than fully-functional, the hours you spend trying to find solutions and trying them out, then trying to reverse the unintended consequences, is better spent getting a nice new clean install in place.

(In contact with MS, over a WUD failure, even they gave me the advice that a periodic reinstall is almost inevitable over the life of an OS, as lots of little insignificant problems and failures begin to accumulate)

The alternative is to live without the malfunctioning features if they're not important to you.
Just thought I'd say real quick, I have found a way to still use my computer well enough; the sleep function works and that's more than fine for now. Thanks again!
So I'm back again...decided that I'd try and get my computer "factory reset" to make sure everything is working as much as possible. But....I can't seem to figure out how. After much searching through my computer, and some of the forums here, I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do, or if my computer can even reset itself. Is it possible that my computer has no full restore/reset option? I've tried looking through a bunch of Windows System tools kind of folders, as well as the Toshiba folders. I've tried using the Vista recovery disk a bit...any suggestions besides paying $100 to get the store to do it?

Just as reference, my computer is a Toshiba Satellite L300 -08T, running Windows Vista.
I found this in a Toshiba forum. I am assuming you didn't take the opportunity when the PC was brand new to create portable recovery disks from the Toshiba recovery partition. If you did, then use them now.

If there is problem with created discs then you must try to use option two. It works as follow:
-Start your notebook and press F8 to enter “Advanced Boot Options”
-There you will see option “Repair my computer”
-Choose this option and follow menu on the screen.
-Then you will come across System Recovery options
-The last option is Toshiba recovery procedure. Choose it and follow menu on the screen.

Please note: this will work if you didn’t change partition structure, installed own OS or removed “HDDRecovery” folder.

At the end I must say, if nothing helps and if you are not able to install OS using any of these methods I see one solution only: you must order new recovery DVD.