Hibernation Vista Hide 'N Seek Error


I am using Vista Hide 'N Seek (and I love it)
Windows XP is in the active partition, C:\
I installed Windows 7 after XP.
Vista Hide 'N Seek was, of course, installed on the Win 7 partition, D:\

This configuration works flawlessly for me on a fresh boot or if coming out of sleep mode, but it fails if Win 7 hibernates.

Upon reboot after hibernation the system hangs with the following message:
"Loading GRLDR..."
At this point I enter Ctrl-Alt-Del. The PC then reboots and enters Win 7 hibernation restore as expected.

Is there a way to eliminate the need for the Ctrl-Alt-Del?

Thanks, Larry
oops.....the message actually says "Booting GRLDR" before it hangs...not much different.

I have never attempted to hibernate XP. I don't use it often and try to keep the size down. I don't want "hiberfil.sys" hanging around taking up 2GB of space.

My Win 7 sleeps by default, but hibernates if I don't turn on the PC for 12 hours...a feature I like because that way it doesn't totally run down the battery if I forgot to plug in the laptop.
Sleep mode is a hybrid between standby and hibernate modes and is pretty energy saving as it is and if you forget to turn the computer off over a 12 hour period maybe its better you have it shut the computer down.

If you really want to be able to take advantage of hibernation you might need to do without HnS. Microsoft has posted a registry workaround in XP to make drives "offline" where XP won't touch them during its boot process and end up wiping out restore points of the neswer versions of Windows.
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