Hide Vista from XP - Neogrub hd(0,0)

I totally messed this up the first time, so I figured I would ask before I tried this again.

I am trying to hide Vista from XP using Neogrub.

Here is what disk info tells me:

drive (0,0) vista
drive (1,0) xp
drive (1,1) - I have this blank

I know I need to do some type of hide(0,0); but I thought that was the boot sector so if I hide it I won't be able to boot??? Am I missing something??? thanks.
The Neosmart approved method of hiding Vista from XP is now Vista Hide 'n Seek (HnS).
You find a download in the Ideas and Wishlists sticky thread.
It'll do all the working out of addresses and hiding, automatically for you.
It's also better because you'll have a nice neat single boot menu. Neogrub will require a messy 2 stage boot.
It was a nice improvement to my other attempts!

It worked fine for a few times and then when I installed some drivers on XP, it completely messed up the MBR on the vista drive and I had to go back to the install dvd and do a repair. Is this normal?
If you reinstall XP or do a repair install, it will overwrite the Vista bootloader with its own.
Updating drivers shouldn't affect the boot at all, though when I used Windows update to put SP1 on Vista, that rewrote the bootloader too and messed up HnS.
Hopefully you won't get any more problems. I haven't heard of anything similar, and if you needed to repair BCD rather than just HnS, I guess you'd have had the same problem even if you weren't using HnS.
Is everything OK again now ? (HnS back on and hiding Vista)
It is ok for now. I am convinced I need an exorcist to drive the demons out of this machine. It will be interesting to see how long until I need to reinstall the mbr.