hiding drives with neogrub

My problem is as follows. I have poaded Win 7, plus three copies of Win xp onto my main drive. With easybcd loaded I can choose which os to load. (the choise of xp os comes up on a seconed screen) So far so good.
My problem is that all os can be seen in every choise. ie: all os come up in what ever one i choose.
From what I can make out from reading the forum is that with neogrub loaded into easybcd I can make what ever os I boot into, make the other os hide. My problem is that not being a computer wiz kid, the way to write in the code for the grub is going over my head. (bald as it happens)
What I would dearly love is for someone to iether write me the code needed, or at least tell me how to do it, but in plain english.
I fear that if left as it is, I'm going to one day open the wrong drive and cock up all my good work. Thanks for your time in reading this, and I hope someone out there can help an old git overcome his problem. (in plain english)
Run HnS's UI and mark the drives either as Vista (For W7 drives as well) or XP. It should take care of the code for you.
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Don't use Neogrub for the reasons explained here
It was superseded by HnS which you can find here
(Wherever Vista is mentioned, you can read "W7" - they're logically identical in the way they boot)
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Download it, unpack the .RAR file (you might need to get a freeware program like 7-Zip, if you don't have that capability), and UI.exe is inside the unpacked folder.
Run it directly from there.
Yes I know, it's that thick idiot jeff again. Well I unpacked the ui.exe file with 7-zip, labeled my drives with the proper logo, i.e. Vista & Xp, but nothing happened when i rebooted.(it was the same two screens as before) Could I be bold enough to ask you a few questions, so that I know what to do. (can't be doing with that clever talk) .
First: when the drives came up in HnS, it also showed the small partition made by win 7 at the start of the drive. ( bootup part I think) anyway, do I lebel that as Vista the same as the main programme or leave it blank.. Seconed: do I have to unistall easybcd before I load HnS, or can I do that now. (by the way, do I unload easybcd on the Xp drives as well) and lastly: it says that after I have labeled all drives ect, I should uninstall HnS. It is not listed in the win 7 uninstall/install part, so do I just deleat it from the desktop.
It must be nice for you to be able to look down at a nutter like me, but a lot of the time people who know how to do things on a computer forget to mention obvius things like the above. Anyway, as usual my thanks in antisipastion, (wish I could spell). and I promise to leave you alone one day. Ha Ha Ha!!!
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In the folder you unpacked, with UI.exe, you'll see a .log file. Open it with notepad and post the contents here.
Also you'll find on your W7 "system" partition a file called menu.lst which was created by HnS.
Paste the contents of that here too.
How big is the file called bootmgr on the same partition ?
You might need to set your folder options like this to see all the files
It's called Vista HnS.log. Paste the contents and those of menu.lst here please.