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HnS takes a good 5min to load either my Vista or XP, is this normal?

I have my XP on a different physical drive, so that may be the reason since it has to do the map drive step.
Please do not post the same question twice. You already posted this in the HnS thread. No need to start a thread also witht eh same question. We will answer it when we can.

HnS is jsut a tool used to hide Vista from XP. It does not affect the boot procedure. If your system takes longer to boot then there is something wrong with the system.
Sorry about posting twice

Im certain its only with HnS on, it seems to be hanging somewhat on the hiding/unhiding step.

I take it from your comment that noone else has ever seen this problem so I guess im out of luck.

Thanks for the timely reply
HnS does put in a top level bootloader, which hands control to BCD for Vista, or directly to NTLDR for XP (without going via the Vista BCD), but that boot loader takes as long as it takes you to make your selection, or as long as your default timeout if you don't chose.
Are you saying that it takes you 5 minutes to get past the boot menu choice, or that the whole windows startup is taking 5 minutes ?
The latter is a windows problem and, as Mak said, nothing to do with HnS, which is out of the process the moment the boot menu disappears.
Google for "speed up windows startup" or somesuch search, and you'll find loads of sites showing you how to identify and remove a lot of the startup bloat to speed up your system.
Remember, if you've just installed Vista, that it takes hours setting up its search indices when the system is new, and that slows things down a lot early on.
Heres my setup

XP installed on hd0,0
Vista installed on hd1,0

1. Now after I select XP in the boot manager I get this

Booting 'Windows XP'

(hd0,0) Hidden
_ #<-- blinking, this is where I have a 3-4min wait, then I get;

Mapped (hd0) (hd1) ok
Mapped (hd0) (hd1) ok
_ #<-- blinking, another 1min wait, then;

Make..........#<-- a long line of text that is gone in a blink, then it boots into XP fine.

2. When I select Vista in the boot manager I get this

Booting 'Windows Vista'

(hd0,0) Unhidden
_ #<-- blinking, 5min wait, then I get;

Will Boot.............#<-- a long line of text that is gone in a blink, then it boots into Vista fine.

When I remove HnS and just boot Vista theres no long wait so I got no idea what the problem is, probably my old undefraged drives are the culpret :frowning:

Thanks for all the help.
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Well from what i have tried with HnS i have not had or seen this issue before. No one has reported any issues with the boot process taking longer. So Guru will have to take a look at this and see if he can figure it out.
Hi Smoolio, welcome to NST.

Is this the latest version of HnS?



Are you sure it says

Because it should be saying

(or vice versa)
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